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Eliminate Confusion, Navigate through Grief… and Begin the Healing Process

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When dealing with the loss of a loved one, no matter how expected or unexpected it may be, invariably the moment arrives when we realize there are arrangements to make, questions to ask, and issues to settle.

These can be weighty matters… and would be difficult even without the emotions that accompany loss. Add in questions about finances, and you have a recipe for the “perfect storm” of stress.

For example, even though how you personally handle it may be unique, everyone deals with the 7 stages of grief. Knowing what these are and how they may affect you can help you separate emotions that will pass from sentiments that will last.

And that can make all the difference between having memories of this experience that you’re glad about instead of filling you with regret.

Creating a Unique Farewell

Regardless of whether you’re planning for burial or cremation, as human beings, we have a need to say, “goodbye.” The experience you create for yourself, other loved ones and friends should be as distinct and exceptional as the person whose life you are celebrating.


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